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S. Johnston * copy

This website is the culmination of a long interest in photography. The camera lens always enriches the experience of being in the world by forcing awareness of the lines, colors, shapes, patterns, and textures that exist everywhere, even in the most unlikely of subjects. My intent is to create images that evoke an impression, memory, feeling, or mood that has a specific and personal meaning for the viewer. I am thrilled that many of my photographs are currently held in private collections throughout Southern California.

The photographs on this website were all composed in camera with a 1x1 square format. Please see the Home page on this site for Purchase Guidelines. Another website (devoted exclusively to botanicals) contains images that were composed in camera with a 2x3 rectangular format. Those image galleries can be viewed at:

In addition to my work in the field of photography, I am committed to increasing the effectiveness of educators in community colleges and universities. For additional information please visit:  714.658.6970 © Susan Johnston 2013